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Building a local food system


 We are dedicated to building a sustainable local food system while supporting local farmers, producers and farmers markets. We take pride in our work and successes of businesses we work with. 

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Local Food System

Our Story

From 2017 to 2019, TO Food Market was running a pilot program offering online ordering and delivery from a farmers’ market to surrounding areas.

As a result, we have gained an invaluable and in-depth, hands-on experience how to setup-up, build and administer local food distribution via virtual online stores.

We work with farmers markets, farmers, producers, local food outlets and hubs. Likewise, we work with communities to set up local food hubs and build support for local farmers markets and food distributors. Our offerings include consulting with hands-on management and execution of setup as well of overall operation.

We are dedicated to improve access to local food while building a sustainable local food system.

100% Guaranteed

We work with you to build a successful online market. Your success is our success. We guarantee all our work. 

Backed by Experience

We have hands-on experience working with businesses like yours. We understand and work with you on your challenges.


We listen and co-design with you solution that fit your business and your business model. First of all, we are dedicated to success of our clients.

Meet The Team

Team passionate about supporting local food businesses while building a  sustainable food system.

Eva Greff

Eva Greff

Founder and CEO, TO Food Market

Growing food for the family was always part of my life growing up. We lived with my grandparents on a homestead, growing all of our produce and raising pigs, chickens and rabbits. My passion for fresh, local food has led me start TO Food Market and work with local farmers and food businesses. As an avid gardener, I am very aware of the very delicate balance of a healthy and striving garden. With a background in Project Management, I use my skills to support local food movement.

Elise Fellows

Elise Fellows

Coordinator, TO Food Market

Where I grew up, there weren’t many options when it came to farmers markets, and as a bit of a foodie, I was excited to explore all the markets the city had to offer. Big city life was hard for me at first, but I found solace in my weekly trips to the market. My background is biology and environmental ethics and I’m a lover of all things living, and the more I thought about how my food choices were impacting not only my own health but the health of the natural world, the more passionate I became about local food.

Deanna Simone

Deanna Simone

Founder and CEO, Rosewood Marketing

Deanna has been workig with eco-friendly and sustainable businesses and non-profits, supporting them with marketing, website design, content creation and social media managment.  She is a graduate of the University of Toronto with an Honors BA, Specialist Degree in Linguistics & French. She has worked within promotional marketing, retail management, account & operations management and I.T. services.