Case Study Pilot

Online Farmers' Market

Residents of surrounding neighbourhoods were given opportunity to order online market boxes and have them delivered to their homes on the market day during the case study.

Benefits to Farmers’ Market

The case study has shown a number of benefits for the farmers market:


  • Extended reach to surrounding neighbourhoods
  • Additional service for farmers  and vendors
  • Increase in market sales
  • Safe and reliable method of ordering
  • Prevention of over-crowding
  • Increase in the support of local farmers and vendors
  • Greater accessibility to local food
  • Satisfied customers
Evergreen Farmers' Market


We have avoided 16,354 food kms which would create emissions of 386,389 kg of carbon dioxide

This is equivalent to

Power to homes
Cellphones charged
Garbage bags avoided

It would take 270 tree seedlings

growing for 10 years to take 386,389 kg

of carbon dioxide out of the air.

Carbon sequestered

Market Manager Testimonial

As the need to reduce our food miles and make suitable, local choices in our kitchens becomes more and more clear, smart solutions for closing those last few miles between eaters and local farmers are so important. By partnering with our amazing community of local farmers, TO Food Market is bringing farmers markets to your doorstep, allowing you to make the right choices that matter when it comes to your shopping basket.

Cameron Dale

Market Manager, Evergreen Farmers' Market

Customer Testimonials

I just tried a small veggie and fruit box for $30 and found it to be a great addition to my kitchen. The variety and portions are perfect, and the fresh local flavours are unbeatable. This is truly a win-win-win model – for the customer, the producers, and the environment.

Myles O.

I recently ordered a veggie and fruit box. To my delight it was what I expected; an array of fresh edibles to create some wonderful healthy meals for my family. Thank you TO Market.

Karen W.

Overall I have to say your customer support has been incredible. We know there are lots of CSA options but won’t hesitate to sign up again next year and recommend to friends based on your service. It is so appreciated.

Alana M.

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