Nestled on a rented acre of land about 20km outside of Guelph, Ontario, Healing Hands Farm is a labour of love for founders Michaela Cruz and Dan Fuller.  The two crossed paths while working as bike couriers in their home town of Toronto and came about their shared passion for farming honestly, with Dan having grown up on his grandfather’s farm and Michaela possessing a degree in Plant Agriculture from the University of Guelph.  Together they have built a humble and ecologically sustainable farm focused on holistic healing.
Healing Hands Farm specializes in producing Asian greens, culinary herbs and cultural staples like root veggies, kale and garlic, in addition to a selection of hand-made soaps made from skin-healing plant-based ingredients like turmeric, lavender, and calendula.  
Dan and Michaela employ organic farming methods and practices to promote ecological health, reduce waste and enhance overall sustainability.  Companion planting, where particular crops are strategically planted in close proximity to one another for their mutual benefit, helps to imitate the diversity of the natural ecosystem and reduces the need for chemical pesticides, while yearly crop rotation sustains soil fertility over time.  Drip irrigation is used to help prevent over-watering and reduces water losses from evaporation.   

The couple are currently in the process of building a greenhouse to help combat the growing challenges of a changing local climate.     Their intentions are clear from the care taken in integrating their farm into the natural local ecology, and their mission is simple: “We believe this contributes to the necessary healing of our bodies, communities and the land.” Healing Hands Farm intends to remain small-scale, simple, and sustainable. You can find Dan and Michaela at the Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market every Saturday, and can try their products in our Vegetable & Fruit Market Boxes.

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