At a time when industrialized agriculture predominates our food system, where quality and practice standards are often sacrificed for quantity and efficiency, Ruth Klahsen of Monforte Dairy is going back to basics by focusing on relationship-based food-system supporting responsible farming.

Located in Stratford, Ontario, Monforte Dairy produces artisanal yogurts, soft and hard cheeses from cow, water buffalo, sheep and goats milk. 

Fair farming practices are important to Ruth, and she has structured her business to reflect this. For Ruth, this means paying farmers a fair living wage, sourcing milk from humanely treated animals and producing only the highest quality artisanal dairy products.



Monforte Dairy is also committed to reducing food waste and practicing sustainable agriculture. As an example, the leftover whey byproducts from cheesemaking are strained to produce a mild and silky ricotta cheese, so nothing goes to waste.

With the level of care and attention gone into each and every product, it’s clear that Ruth Klahsen has a deep respect for farming and is passionate about the art form of cheesemaking. As their website states, “In a world gone mad for innovation and change, it’s the small pleasures that keep us sane. And in the constellation of small pleasures that salve the mind and nourish the body, what trumps the sheer sensual deliciousness of a well-crafted cheese?”

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