Our Vision

In Action

Create health and wellness in thriving local communities through support of local producers and local food distribution channels that honour and respect our planet and our people.

Doing it right from beginning

We help local food businesses to setup online stores with products, online payments and subscriptions. We can manager your customer orders, make updates to your products and schedule delivery. Building local food system is our priority. We are here to support and guide.

 We are a social enterprise with a mandate to:

  • Increase Access to Local Food
  • Eliminate Food Waste
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint of Food
  • Support Local Economies
  • Increase Food Security



Reliable Access to Local Food

We support local businesses that deal directly with local farmers and vendors. 


Community Partnership

We partner with local community organizations, local small businesses, small food distributors as well as local farmers and vendors.

In the end we all WIN!


Food Waste Reduction

Local farmers and vendors provide the highest quality fresh produce and products. The food is delivered within a few days of being picked.


Health and Safety

Helpng businesse to provide access to fresh, local food during social distancing period.


Carbon Footprint Reduction

Local food’s carbon footprint is a 1/3 of  imported food.  Your food travels between 100 – 300 km as oppose to 1,500 km or more!


Supporting Local Economy

We focus on supporting local businesses, producers and their families creating a thriving, reselient local economy.