Our Vision

In ACtion

Create health and wellness in thriving local communities through symbiotic relationships between farmers markets and our customers that honor and respect our planet and its people.

Doing it right from beginning

We all want to do the right thing: eat healthy, support local farmers and vendors, and reduce the mounds of plastic we bring home from the grocery store. The intention is there, but we may fall short in the everyday hustle. TO Food Market fills this gap by providing easy and convenient way to shop at your local farmers market without trying to fit it into your busy schedule.

 We are a social enterprise with a mandate to:

  • Increase Access to Local Food
  • Eliminate Food Waste
  • Reduce Our Carbon Footprint (and that of others)
  • Support Local Economies
  • Increase Food Security



100% Local Food

Our farmers and vendors are vetted to grow and make the food within 200km of the market. It can’t get any fresher!


Community Partnership

We partner with local community organizations to allow farmers to sell their excess produce at the end of the market at a favourable price.

In the end we all WIN!


Zero Food Waste

Our farmers and vendors provide only the highest quality fresh produce and products. What we order is what we deliver. Everything is delivered the same day we receive it. There is ZERO food waste!


Reduce Packaging Waste

All farmers market boxes are delivered in reusable bags or containers.  We choose recyclable options to package prepared products, eliminating single-use plastics as much as possible.


Reduce Carbon Footprint

All food is delivered to farmers markets where farmers and vendors are already going so no additional carbon footprint is created. Your food travels under 200km!


Reliable Access to Farmers Markets

No matter what your personal circumstances are, we provide you with access to your local farmers market.

Always Fresh

All produce and fruits are harvested for the market and delivered to your the same day it was received. The freshest, most nutritious local produce and fruits.

Eco Friendly

We package the Market Boxes the same day we receive the produce using reusable containers and paper bags with minimal use of plastics

We Deliver

The market boxes are delivered to your door on the market day when produce is received. Farmers’ market shopping could not be easier and more convenient.