Snowden Farms, a small-scale farm about 80 KM east of Toronto in Enniskellen, Ontario, produces non-GMO, free-range beef and poultry free of hormones and antibiotics. Farmer John Snowden employs the highest standard of animal care, raising his calves on site and feeding a natural grass and hay-based diet.  There are many reasons for buying local from farms like Snowden farms, and we’ll take a closer look at just a few of them here. 

As a small local farm, Snowden Farms is far more environmentally friendly than your average industrial animal agriculture operation.  The farm uses fewer natural resources like fossil fuels, land and feed for transport and production compared to industrial animal farming operations. When you buy from smaller, local farms, you support farming practices that emit fewer greenhouse gasses, prevent the clear-cutting of land for the farming of animals and feed grains and support the preservation of the natural habitat and its native plant and animal species. 

An enormous amount of plastic is used for packaging, preservation and transport of industrially produced foods. Because local farms are closer in proximity to their customers, they don’t need to preserve foods in the same way that larger animal farms do. Buying local from farms like Snowden means less waste and fewer plastics ending up in landfills.  

Snowden Farms, a small-scale farm
Healthy animals free of chemicals, hormones and antibiotics

Smaller local farms like Snowden also have higher standards of animal care and welfare. Because John Snowden raises his animals from birth at the farm, you can be sure that they have been treated humanely. Ultimately, this translates to better quality meats that you and your family can feel good about.  

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