Our Farmers and Vendors

Meet our Farmers and Vendors that produce only the highest quality products

Evergreen Farmers Market

Evergreen started its Saturday Farmers Market in Toronto in 2007 with 25 local farmers and producers, a great location and a great response from the community. Since then, Evergreen Brick Works’ Saturday Farmers Market has grown to become the largest farmers’ market in Toronto. Running year-round, the market offers the widest variety of local and seasonal food in the city.

Hours and Directions

Farmers Market is open year round.
Summer hours: 8 am – 1 pm
Winter hours: 9 am – 1 pm

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Fiddle Foot Farm

biodynamic farm growing vegetables without synthetic chemicals or artificial fertilizers. 

Mulmur Township, Ontario

Fresh and Tasty Mushrooms

locally farmed mushrooms and vegetables, grown without use of pesticides, herbicides & other chemicals. 

Amaranth, Ontario

Monforte Dairy

premier artisanal cheese company crafting world-class cow, water buffalo, goat and sheep cheese.

Stratford, Ontario

Evelyn's Crackers

Evelyn’s Crackers exclusively uses older grain varieties grown and milled by Ontario farmers committed to nutrition and long-term agricultural diversity.

Toronto, Ontario

Snowden Farms

Grass-fed, free range beef & Non-GMO fed, free range chickens, with no growth hormones.

Enniskillen, Ontario

Taste of Seasons

Locally sourced plant  based experiences,  customized to the  rhythm of the seasons

Toronto, Ontario

Oakridges Finest Farm

Chemical-free vegetables, fruits, preserves and more.

  Uxbridge, Ontario

Healing Hands Farm

Healing Hands Farm is a small-scale ecological farm specializing in Asian greens and vegetables grown without chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.

Guelph Township, Ontario

Secret Lands Farm

Produces artisanal cheeses, yogurts, kefirs, and other sheep dairy products that can only be made on a small scale Exquisite taste, and nutritional benefits.

Enniskillen, Ontario

Fisher Folk

Providing freshest, highest quality Canadian fish & seafood while respecting the oceans, lakes, the fishermen and you.

Toronto, Ontario

Spent Grains Bread

High nutrion, quality products made from Spent Beer Grains.

Toronto, Ontario



The first of it’s kind in Toronto creating delicious, creamy, pure unadulterated dairy-free mylks just for you.

Toronto, Ontario

Reyes Farms

Family owned fruit farm growing peaches, strawberries, apples, pears, cherries, apricots, raspberries and more.

Niagara Falls Region, Ontario

Round Plains Plantation

 Farm growing sweet potato of excellent quality, taste and healthy benefits. Grown without the use of herbicides & insecticides.

Waterford, Ontario

Stokes Cheese

Provides hand-cratfted, artisinal dairy free cheese with complex, robust flavours and creamy texture.

Toronto, Ontario

St. John's Bakery

Award Winning Non-Profit Social Enterprise making best organic, sourdough breads and sweets made in traditional French method.

Toronto, Ontario

Bees Universe

Local bee keeping farm producing high quality honey, honey comb, bee pollen granules and other produts.

Innisfill, Ontario

Culture City

Culture City’s custom recipes for premium fermented foods are made in the heart of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

Organic farming is a proactive form of environmentalism. I care about environment and people’s health.


– Graham, Fiddle Foot Farm.

Biodynamic farming produces higher quality, nutritional food, which is my passion – to bring high quality food to the market goers.


– Ken, Life Spring Farm

Farming is a great way to change the world towards a better place. I want to be part of that change for future generations.


– Aric, Earth Haven Farm

I hope we can make cheeses as good as any in the world right here in Ontario and bring that world-class cheese to local markets.


– Ruth, Monforte Dairy

As the need to reduce our food miles and make suitable, local choices in our kitchens becomes more and more clear, smart solutions for closing those last few miles between eaters and local farmers are so important.


– Cameron, Evergreen Brickworks